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Wildlife Viewing

Humans aren’t the only creatures who thrive in this beautiful area. The forest-dwelling blacktail deer can be seen all over town, but the best location to spot them is around Devils Lake. They range over the coastal forests, traveling singly or in family groups.

The evergreen and riparian zones harbor chipmunks, rabbits, porcupines, weasels and badgers, raccoons and possums, or coyotes. Every year, a few residents report seeing black bears, lions, and bobcats.

The Salmon River hosts populations of beaver, muskrat, nutria and otter. On Devils Lake populations of geese, wood ducks and egrets delight anglers and waterfront residents.

One of the most beautiful places to see waterfowl and wildlife in Lincoln County is the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge, located off Highway 101 just south of Lincoln City where the Siletz River empties into the bay. There you’ll see egrets and herons as well as seagulls and many other breeds only 3 minutes from Oregon Beach Admiral’s Retreat.

Other permanent residents of the bay are the harbor seals, easily viewed from the Taft Dock on SW 51st. The seals, which can grow to six feet in length and weigh up to 250 pounds, bask on the sands at Salishan Spit. Biologists caution humans. Seal mothers leave their young on the beach to rest while they are out seeking food and will soon be back to retrieve them. If you touch them, the mother will not reclaim them. As with all members of the animal kingdom, it’s better to leave them alone.

Wherever you go, don’t forget your binoculars and a windbreaker. The wildlife is out there, waiting to catch a glimpse of you.

Biking & Bike Trails

If you’re tired of the vacation cycle from car to hotel to car and back again, we invite you to experience Lincoln City from the seat of a bike. Savor the clean breeze, get a little exercise and see stunning views that are easy to miss from the passenger seat of your car.

Cyclists are welcome in the marked lanes on many thoroughfares in and around the city, including the length of Highway 101; but one of the most popular rides is the bike lane encircling Devils Lake. Start at nearly any point to take the 10-mile long loop. In areas located outside the incorporated limits, Lincoln County has provided paved shoulders along the road for bicycle traffic. Riders can reach West Devils Lake Road by bike lanes on N. 22nd and Holmes Road. From a signaled intersection in the Oceanlake District, NE 14th Street becomes West Devils Lake Road as it heads towards the lake. The best way to reach the back side of the lake is the turn east by the Tanger Outlet Center onto East Devils Lake Road.

If the Ocean is what you’re looking for but you don’t want to travel the highway, take the western shore bike route from N. 39th Street south to N. First Street, where it exits onto Highway 101 at Kyllo’s Seafood Grill. For a little less traffic, head east on S. 51st Street. This road passes the area’s oldest elementary school before becoming Schooner Creek Road. Take this tree-lined lane to Anderson Creek Road, then turn right on Drift Creek Road. Ride west on Drift Creek Road to Highway 101 and back into Lincoln City. Many off-road opportunities are available in the hills north, south and east of the city.

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