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Nature’s topographic mix of sea, beach, marshlands, coastal forests, hills and rocky cliffs combine to create an ideal habitat for a common American species – the bird watcher. Home to a breathtaking range of fliers, from a majestic peregrine falcon to a delicate murre, the Lincoln City area is definitely for the birds.

Bald Eagles are prevalent near Fogarty Creek State Park, about 5 minutes South of Admiral’s Retreat. Pelicans gliding a few feet off the oceanfront decks of Admiral’s Retreat are common and they are commonly seen gliding just a few feet above the surf throughout the day and evening.

A few Canada geese spend the winter around Devils Lake and its tributaries. Swimming alongside the geese will be widgeons, gadwalls, coots, mallards, shovelers, canvasbacks, grebes and cormorants. Big waders, like the great blue heron and the rarer green-backed heron, dip for small fish in the shallows.

Common murres skim over the waves of the Pacific in speedy flights, and many species of gulls beg for food from passersby. Careful observers will also find the big brown pelicans at certain times of the year on Siletz Bay. The offshore rocky islands, cliffs, and rocks are home to puffins, murres and guillemots.

Lincoln City has two Important Birding Areas (IBAs), Siletz Bay and the Salmon River Estuary.

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