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Fishing - Freshwater

Fishing can be great family fun. It’s a matter of choosing between freshwater streams or salty waves, river or bay or lake. The premier freshwater fishing spots in Lincoln County are the Salmon and Siletz Rivers as well as Schooner Creek, Drift Creek, and Devils Lake. Dedicated salmon and steelhead anglers regularly land big ones on the Siletz river only 5 minutes from Admiral’s Beach Retreat; salmon of 50 pounds or more have been landed on the Siletz River. 

  • Contact Coyote Rock at 541-996-6824 or visit their website at and these friendly folks will get you squared away with everything you need for catching the big salmon or filling your crab pot. They’re located just up the Siletz river about 10 minutes from Admiral’s Beach Retreat.


If you prefer lake fishing, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife stocks Devils Lake several times a year with rainbow trout. Rent boats from Blue Heron Landing (on the northern end of West Devils Lake Road). Local trout fishing is especially good during the spring and summer. Anglers have found that Devils Lake also hosts many fine Largemouth Bass. In addition to trout and bass, the lake also has a good population of yellow perch, crappie, bluegill, and catfish. Grass carp also call Devils Lake their home, but those are not for catching. 

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