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Fishing - Deep Sea

If lake and stream fishing sounds too tame, head out to sea on a sport fishing charter boat or cast your line from the rocky shore. Nearby Depoe Bay is home to a fleet of fishing excursion boats with experienced crews to help you catch the trophy of your dreams.

Tradewinds Charters, 541-765-2345 or 800-445-8730 and request Craig Calkins. Craig has chartered here most of his life and was a paramedic for the local fire department. He charters out of Depoe Bay right next to the Coast Guard Station on his boat named SUNRISE (pictured above). This is about 5 to 8 minutes from Admiral’s Beach Retreat!


Crabbing and clamming are great ocean activities for any group, any time of the year. Siletz Bay and Siletz River at the south edge of Lincoln City are prime spots for crabbing. The best time of day is an hour or two before or after low tide when the creatures are active and water currents disturb the crab gear least. All you need is a crab ring net, bait, license, and a measuring gauge, all of which can be obtained from Eleanor’s Undertow on SW 51st. The regulations for crabbing are posted on the Taft Dock on SW 51st, next to Mo’s. Click for more information.


Clamming is as simple as crabbing and equally satisfying. Most of the clams found in this area are either the smaller butter clams or larger razor clams. Look for dimples or holes in the sand, then place your shovel a few inches farther than the hole, in the direction of the ocean, and pull back, scooping the sand away to expose the clam, or wait until low tide and find pockets near rocky outcroppings. Those pockets frequently contain a number of clams. Each person is allowed to harvest 20 butter clams and 15 razor clams per day, and a license is required. It is advisable to check with local authorities to determine if red tide conditions exist that make harvesting unwise.

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